Engineering viable ventures in cyber security

CSIT Labs will be open to individuals and teams from:

  • UK Academia
  • UK Government organisations
  • UK start-ups

Candidate teams will be provided with:

  • 6 participants to receive up to 3 man months (fully funded) engineering support for production/prototype/proof of concept technology
  • A series of workshops to iterate and validate the proposed market offering
  • Exposure to CSIT ecosystem
  • Mentoring from a network of industry, government and venture capitalist representatives
  • Promoted through existing business development activities e.g CyberUK, RSA and Infosecurity

What’s the cost?

  • There is no cost for programme participation, however, participants based outside of Northern Ireland will be expected to fund their own travel and accomodation to the workshops and essential meetings.
  • Participants will be required to attend (in person) a minimum of 2 engineering meetings, 3 workshops and the final CSIT labs demo day during the program timeframe.
  • CSIT labs takes no equity or share in foreground IP