One of the greatest challenge disrupting modern living is cybersecurity and it not just a national issue rather, it is a challenge that is experienced globally. There is no day that will pass by without hearing news of several harmful attacks. This shows that the current cybersecurity approaches we have are failing. If we are really looking forward to achieving local and global benefits that comes with cyber and cyber-enabled technologies, we need new approaches that will aid in developments of cybersecurity. Cybersecurity issues cannot be solved within or by ourselves, we need help from each other. 

We are currently living in a period where international security problems keep on getting more complex and just national collaboration from the government, individuals and businesses are not enough to solve security issues, we need help from others worldwide. In order for us to create and build a digital defence that is excellent, we need to combine forces from all over the world. Driven by national and local objectives, the various global ecosystems have independently developed in great ways this is because the various keystone leaders have become aware that these cybersecurity challenges need global paradigm-shifting cooperation and partnership that will reflect local and regional imperatives.

How is Global Cybersecurity Ecosystem important?

Security within various national boundaries will never make and there is a great need for international collaborations since almost everything is connected globally. The interconnectedness of the global internet ecosystem indicates that threats can emerge from any source in the world which may then need policies and solutions which are border-less. With the interdependence of networks and the vulnerabilities of the internet, individuals and information systems, has made it impossible to respond and assess by a single actor to cyber risks and threat. Additionally, given the integration between economic, political and electronic networks across the globe, the national response can never be enough.

The launch of Global Cybersecurity Ecosystem is a representation of the increasing global cybersecurity innovation and it allows for collaboration in tackling of the challenges faced by the government, citizens and businesses in supporting the shifting to a digital interconnected economy and this is a win/win for both the regions and organizations involved.

Global Cybersecurity Ecosystem provides a platform for building a community that allows the sharing of knowledge and a community that has cross-sectoral stakeholders in rapidly increasing cyber threats. This is a platform that has been established with hopes of bringing innovators at the forefront in the fight against the cyber challenges that are continually emerging.

 The following are some of the value-generating initiatives of global cybersecurity ecosystem.

  • Network: There are various processes and resources that are provided by each ecosystem and this includes expert advisors connectivity, soft landing services, information that is specific for each ecosystem, sharing of experience and knowledge and sharing of operational facilities and tools.
  • Talent: Global Cybersecurity Ecosystems creates developmental programs that aid in enhancing various skill sets.
  • Projects: Global Cybersecurity Ecosystem also enables the generation of various community solutions that are specific to each challenge encountered and this includes financial systems, internet of things and health systems.
  • Evaluation: Global Cybersecurity Ecosystem contributes to structured discussions on how to conduct an evaluation of the elasticity of the system of a system in case of any cyber attack.
  • Exchange: There are various enabled matchmaking among various ecosystems that seem to be disparate entities and this includes the connection of certain enterprise to a particular mentor ecosystem.   
  • Content: Global Cybersecurity Ecosystem allows the sharing of content across various organizations in the ecosystem. This content that is shared among the various organization includes social networking feeds that are localized, journal articles and data sets.
  • Standards: in order to understand the role of cybersecurity better, Global Cybersecurity Ecosystems allows for synchronizations a way of allowing for standardization.
  • Advocacy: With Global Cybersecurity Ecosystem, it is used globally as a way of reaching out and advocating and raising awareness of the policies, causes and recommendation on the various challenges encountered on cybersecurity.
  • Investments: Global cybersecurity ecosystem strives becoming the engine that is behind a framework programme that is global and that initiates innovation and research by playing a major role in the definition of budget prioritization and allocation.
  • Emerging: the are various emerging issues and Global Cybersecurity Ecosystem are in the lead in enabling of anticipation and horizon scanning of these emerging issues. It also allows for investigation and trend analysis of theories of new and current domains.
Global Cybersecurity Index Heat Map

Cybersecurity is not just a national threat rather, it is a global challenge that continues disrupting businesses, citizens and governments at large. The initiative of the launch of the Global Cybersecurity Ecosystem is an opportunity for adopting and co-creating global changing solutions as a way of solving both the emerging and current cybersecurity challenges. Global Cybersecurity Ecosystem allows for a combination of knowledge, sharing of expertise and experience and this will allow for the development of innovative solutions, drive sharing of knowledge, allow for research and trend analysis at the global level.